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Our Features

Building a property lifestyle platform & ecosystem for shareholders, business partners, agents, service providers, members

Mortgage Optimisation Plan

MOP is a programme that allows USERS, Home and Property owners, to diagnose their existing home loans and mortgages, and assess the most optimum monthly mortgage repayment amount for them.

Property Market Place

Proppy Marketplace is a property-based listing platform that allows home and property owners, and our registered MVPs (Most Valuable Proppian) who are existing REN (Real Estate Negotiator licensed) property agents to list their properties for rent or sale.


ProppyPro is a subscription based listing tool for professionals that will allow USERS, Home and Property Owners to connect with them for property-based related advice and consultation. This platform is open to and not limited to Industry professionals like legal, property, finance, banking, insurance, geomancy, etc.


ProppyCares allows Users, Home and Property Owners to connect with service providers and household amenities trade repairmen, like pumbling, roofing, tiling, electrical, automatic gate, renovation works, water treatment, gardening, landscaping, home cleaning services, office cleaning and maintenance service, pet-sitting services, etc. This is a non-exhaustive list of services that will expand as the need for these service and tradesmen increases.

Proppy PreLoved

ProppyPreLoved is a market listing platform for USERS, Home and Property owners to list their second-hand (pre-loved) items for sale.

Proppy Academy

Proppy Academy is the platform where USERS can log on to watch educational videos provided by existing ProppyPros, industry KOLs on property-related topics and other special interest topics and themes like interior design, fashion, investment, technology, etc. Proppy Academy will also be the base educational and training platform for ProppyApp™-related materials like Proppy Ambassador, Proppy Butler, Mortgage Optimisation Plan, etc.

Proppy Embassy

Proppy Embassy is the business model platform dedicated to everything Proppy Ambassador related, from business dashboards, network and marketing link, to administrative support by ProppyApp™.

Proppy Pink

ProppyPink allows USERS, Home and Property Owners to participate in Group Buys on specific items to increase the number of sale per item in order to lower the price for individual buyers. USERS, Home and Property Owners may not need to know each individual buyer to participate and enjoy the benefits of large purchases akin to industrial procurement.

Proppy Butler

Proppy Butler is the Artificial-Intelligent (AI) functionality within our ProppyApp™ that is akin to a digital personal assistant for every USER of our ProppyApp™. Our Proppy Butler, nicknamed ‘Prop-Pierre’, will notify USERs for the various functions and features that the USER has activated, ie. Price matching, Make-An-Offer, or Mortgage-Optimisation-Plan payment due notification for MASTERs.

10 Things

You Need to Know About ProppyApp™